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Joe Tripician

Balkanized at Sunrise

Balkanized at Sunrise


A Memoir of a Reluctant Propagandist Read more...

Ozark Melody

Jeff Buckley's Alien Song


Jeff Buckley's alien-inspired song Read more...

Immortality Wars

Immortality Wars

SF Novel

"Death Before Immortality!" Read more...

My Night With Sarah Palin

My Night With Sarah Palin


My Night With Sarah Palin Read more...


New Brazilian feature film production announced 

Moto Anjos - Mood Reel (Story version):

Moto Anjos Poster

(Click here for Full-Size Poster)

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotoAnjosFilm

And on the film's official website: http://motoanjos.com/

Contact the Production: MotoAnjos @ Gmail [dot] com

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Read more...


Team Joy

Feature Film about a close family of grifters.

Snake Eyes

Danger falls on a father and his teenage hacker daughter when she unwittingly reveals them both as con artists.

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Read more...


A Pizza Chegou

"A Pizza Chegou" ("Pizza Run")

New short film by Joe Tripician

Watch the film here:

A Pizza Chegou poster

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Read more...


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Marty - The Martin Scorsese Story

Joe appears as the great American film director...

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