My Night with Sarah Palin … and other disturbing stories

New Fiction from Joe Tripician

My Night With Sarah Palin - book cover

Cover photograph by Michael Carian licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license. Download Hi-Res Cover.

Strange and shocking stories from the twisted mind of award-winning director and author Joe Tripician. Included are hard-boiled tales of depravity, eerie and unsettling science fiction, riveting screenplays, and debauched social satire.

Twelve stories include:

Gateway Love - A cautionary indoctrination program reveals the hazards of dysfunctional relationships.

The Disappearing Daughter - A daughter discovers that her mother’s changed memory affects reality.

The Last Bailout - A haunted house and the just deserts from a bailout nation.

My Night with Sarah Palin - An extreme evening with the former V.P. candidate and Alaskan governor.

The Criminal Intern - Think twice about accepting a collect call from prison.

Remember Me to the Motherland - A cosmonaut left for dead reawakens to a changed world.

Buzz Mates - Trish and Al were fated to meet. Is it real love; is the lover real? 

The Silicon Chamber - A robot soldier turns to S & M. 

The PMS Murders - A misogynist detective solves crimes of passion. 

Wildcat - In the '70s paranoia and treachery corrupt the high ideals of a counter-culture magazine publisher.

Broken Night - Self-deception unravels a series of dangerous, predatory games.

The Gringo in the Hammock - Protected by a Brazilian criminal gang, no one dare tells the true story of the Missing Gringo.