Steve Buscemi in "Borders"

From the dramatic segment of the1989 award-winning production "Borders" by Joe Tripician and M. Aldighieri. Steve Buscemi plays a student scientist who is seduced to work on the government Star Wars program, and comes into conflict with his politically active girl friend. Also featuring Rae C. Wright and Mark Boone Jr. Music by Frederick Reed.

A Pizza Chegou

A young Brazilian girl has been evicted from a local slum along with her entire family. She delivers pizzas by motorbike to support them. By chance she encounters the man who evicted them, and faces a choice between forgiveness or revenge.

The Gun is Loaded


Performance artist/confrontationist icon Lydia Lunch delivers a brutally frank manifesto in this journey through the heart of contemporary American darkness.  Lydia's poetic nihilism is set against a barrage of real-life street-action, scenery, news footage, and the deranged music of J. G. Thirlwell.

Language NSFW.


Motel Blue 19


Some children count license plates on long car trips -- Luther counts dead bodies. As they drive north, this Mother and son Bonnie and Clyde leave a trail of blood and candy that stretches to a decadent and mysterious seaside resort.

Developed as a feature film project by the writer-director team of Joe Tripician and Merrill Aldighieri, "Motel Blue 19" is a short film taken from their screenplay. The screenplay itself was an adaptation from the original stage play by Edgar Oliver, which premiered at La MaMa Theatre in 1991. Taking scenes from their script, Joe and Merrill shot this short 16mm film to demonstrate the unusual blend of humor and terror in this twisted story of mother and son gone awry.

The screenplay was optioned by veteran producer Ben Barenholtz ("Barton Fink", "Miller's Crossing", "Georgia", and "Requiem for a Dream"), who used the short as a pitch for the feature-length film version.

The cast includes the playwright Edgar Oliver (with voice supplied by Tim Blake Nelson), and stage actress Mary Lou Wittmer (who has appeared in almost all of Oliver's works).




Scientists and Shamans explore the mysterious processes of the brain during consciousness, altered states and dream states in this poetic, playful, and sensual EMMY-award winning video.


Dr. John C. Lilly (inventor of the isolation tank and pioneer in Human-Dolphin communication), Prof. Marvin Minsky (cofounder of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab), Prof. Richard Bolt of MIT's Human Interface Lab, Native American Sam Sapiel, and computer poet Michael Newman collide with computer animation and physical metaphors.


"Metaphoria" examines the frontiers of communication and the role metaphors play in the cognitive process, and shows how metaphors pervade thought in science, poetry, religion and culture.



The Kissing Booth


This half-hour program is a playfully provocative dialogue on sexual philosophy, seduction, romance, love, and the perfect kiss.  It interweaves computer animation, stylized drama, and the frank disclosures of four on-camera interviews.

Featured are the cool sardonic witticisms of author/raconteur Quentin Crisp, the internationally famous entertainer who first captured the public's eye with his autobiography "The Naked Civil Servant".  In amusing contrast to Quentin's quips are the exotic popisms of rock personality SPIDER, the lyricist and percussionist for the South African group Via Afrika.  Spider's striking musical and visual talents gained wide notice through her performance with the Artists Against Apartheid on the "Sun City" record and video.  New York poet and performer Emily XYZ expresses the youth view with a hard edge.  Stage, screen and television actor Joe Morton reveals a family man's perspective.


The featured opening film at the 1988 Mill Valley Film Festival in California.





A cosmic carnival through physical, political and moral borders and how to cross them. Mixing commentary, computer graphics, dramatic fiction, live documentary footage, and investigative journalism BORDERS probes the unsettling paradoxes behind immigration, drugs, Star Wars, and other topics. Featuring Steve Buscemi, author-futurist Robert Anton Wilson, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, poet Margaret Randall, and spy novelist Brian Freemantle.

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