This rare 3-part (silent) video from 1978-79 reveals the action behind-the-scenes at the Muppet Workshop in NYC as Brian Froud and craftspeople create the puppets for the movie "The Dark Crystal".

Screen tests of the puppets in action were shot on location (behind Jim Henson's house in


April 2, 1978: An over 30-year-old rare interview with Captain Crunch, the notorious phone phreak/early hacker-activist John Draper.

From Croatia's Daily Newspaper Vecernji List, Published in Croatia on 19 February 2011

Children's Week of Games in Taubaté

From October 9 to October 17, the city of Taubaté will host Children's Week. It's a great initiative, and helps supports the arts, education, and local trade. Click here to download the PDF package, and please consider getting involved.  

De 9 outubro - 17


Sweet Jane - Jim Carroll's only music video promo