"A Pizza Chegou" ("Pizza Run")

New short film by Joe Tripician

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Official Selection at the Williamsburg International Film Festival: Sept 19, 2014

Official Selection at El Ojo Cojo Film Festival: Oct 3 - 12, 2014

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11º Festival Imagem-Movimento, Brazil

Dallas Video Festival

On Location

On location in São Paulo for "A Pizza Chegou" (All photos by Alice Martins)


A young Brazilian girl has been evicted from a local slum along with her entire family. She delivers pizzas by motorbike to support them. By chance she encounters the man who evicted them, and faces a choice between forgiveness or revenge.

Production Notes:

The film was shot in São Paulo and São José dos Campos, Brazil. 

Production Stills:

Sandro Battista

Actor Sandro Battista in action

Director's Statement: 

This film dramatizes the issues of corruption versus transparency in the secrets each character holds.

It deals with justice versus revenge in the choices each character makes.

It shows the hard choices a motorcycle courier must face when confronted with the limited employment opportunities of her profession and her class.

The story and film pre-dates the recent protests on the streets of Brazil. We want to shed some light on the thorny problems a country faces that is struggling to grow in a time of great change amidst systematic corruption and injustice.

The past can be a major impediment to growth and democracy. We live in a time when reconciliation is a hot news topic, when punitive sentencing of government corruption is fiercely debated, and when the lower classes are on the razor’s edge between violence and comfort. We need a wide and healthy debate about our identity and how we can move to a better future without regressing into the turmoil and troubles of the past.

We hope this short film will ignite a broader and deeper discussion, and lead us into a future of economic, social and moral equilibrium.

Joe helps Sil's aim

Joe helps Sil's aim: "It's in the wrist."

(L to R): Geraldo Rodrigues, Silmara Volpi and Sandro Battista giving major attitude

(L to R): Geraldo Rodrigues, Silmara Volpi and Sandro Battista giving major attitude


Written, Directed and Edited by

Joe Tripician


Geraldo Rodrigues


Joe Tripician

Executive Producers

Cecilia Tripician

Gilson Schwartz


Suzana - Silmara Volpi

Homem - Geraldo Rodrigues

Dono da casa - Sandro Battista

Narrator - Kauê Telloli

Commentary- Eliot Tosta


Dagu Silva Medeiros

Assistant Cinematography

Daniel Corbani

Assistant Director

Aline Penna

Art Director

Aline Hiane

Assistant Art Director

Carmen Estevez


Gabriela Akashi


Alice Martins



Ricardo Herling

Production Assistants

Mariana Lopes

Jamin Trinidad

Song “Cidade com nome de santo”

Recording Artist - Ogi

Special Thanks

Rodrigo Correa

Rafael Patrick

Hemerson Celtic

Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de São José dos Campos e Região

Naiara de Castro

Gabriel Godoy

Paulo Leierer

Giuliano Rossi

Toca dos Filmes

Eliety Teixeira

Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade

Dicezar Leandro

Marco Aurélio de Lima

Leandro Maciel

Carolina Togeiro

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